General Conditions of the Service

Identification of the company that owns this website

Expediatur SLNE
CIF B86746302
Alameda Street 22
28041 Madrid (Spain)

Article 1: Object

The main activity of Expediatur is the management of visas or travel authorizations, which is done using this website Expediatur act as an agent on behalf of customers before organizations officially authorized to issue visas.

Article 2: General provisions

By validating your request, the client declares to accept without reservation the terms of said order, as well as the totality of these General Conditions of Service. These should be considered as a law between the parties, and the specific conditions of our buyers will not be taken into consideration, unless there is a prior written agreement on our part. The company also reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time. In this case, the applicable General Conditions of Service will be those in force at the time of subscription to the service. It will also ensure that your acceptance is clear and unreserved by setting up a checkbox and a validation click. The client declares to have taken knowledge of all these General Conditions of Service and accept them without restrictions or reservations. You acknowledge that you have received the necessary advice and information to ensure that the offer meets your needs. Declares being able to legally contract under Spanish law or validly represent the natural or legal person for which it undertakes. Unless proven otherwise, the information recorded by the company constitutes proof of all transactions. In the event that the user does not comply with these Terms and Conditions, or the client's communication is threatening, insulting or defamatory, our company reserves the right not to provide the requested service.

Article 3: Price

Prices are expressed in euros and all taxes are included in the online order page. These are the rates in use at the time of order. Expediatur can change these prices at any time and without prior notice, for the future.

To obtain the visa or electronic authorization, the total amount of the order includes:

  • Expediatur rates: file management in a personalized and followed way, deposit and withdrawal of administrative documents and visa at the Embassy, the Consulate or with the responsible organization, transport between these various organizations and our offices. These rates are subject to VAT.

  • The cost of the visa or authorization itself (consular and official fees), object of the order (variable cost according to the Consulate or country of destination). These rates are not subject to VAT because they are paid for supplies.

  • Any additional service charge of the Embassy or the company assigned by it to assist in the issuance of the visa, subject to VAT.

  • The cost of sending the visa and any administrative document by courier, if the client requests it when placing the order. It is subject to VAT.

  • Any other additional service expressly commissioned by the client.

Article 4: Conclusion of the online contract

All clients must follow a series of steps necessary to obtain the requested document:

  • Complete the online form: destination, type of visa, number of passengers, travel dates, length of stay, number of tickets, additional services you wish to hire, customer information, bank card information to be used for payment , and express acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

  • The client sends to Expediatur the necessary documents to obtain the visa or travel authorization. The Embassy reserves the right to request any additional document not indicated in the first list sent by Expediatur, if deemed appropriate.

Expediatur acts under an explicit client mandate. The client expressly agrees to have validated his order on the website, and the obligation to send the necessary documents in a complete manner and as soon as possible. The breach by the client. it can cause delays in the delivery of the visa or even the impossibility of obtaining it on time. Expediatur reminds that the terms indicated to the customer are approximate and approximate and are beyond the control of Expediatur. Expediatur will not be responsible for any delay in delivery or any failure, loss, theft, total or partial destruction of the documentation by the courier or postal services.

In order to successfully complete the order, the customer agrees to transmit all the information correctly and truthfully. The transmission of false or not completely true information could result in visa cancellation and even have criminal consequences.

Article 5: Payment

The total amount will be paid online by card. If the client does not wish to pay by card, he or she may do so, by prior express agreement of Expediatur, by other means of alternative payment.

In accordance with the legal provisions, the payment commitment granted by card is irrevocable. By offering your bank details at the time of the sale, the customer authorizes the seller to charge the card corresponding to the services ordered. The customer confirms that he is the cardholder that must be charged or that he is authorized to use it.

Article 6: Right of Resolution

If the client wishes to cancel his order before sending his documentation to Expediatur, the amounts corresponding to the official consular fees, shipping costs of the documentation -if they had been hired-, and any other service that had not been previously provided will be refunded. to the cancellation notice. In no case will the visa management fee be reimbursed, since the mere fact of reporting all the necessary documentation implies a service provision.

Any cancellation or refund request must be made through our website, on the Tracking page.

Article 7: Reclamations

Any complaint can be transmitted on our website, on the Tracking page, indicating the file reference and email. You can also send it by post to Expediatur at the address indicated in the legal section.

Article 8: Responsibilities

Errors made in the data collection forms are the sole responsibility of the client. That is why we ask you, before confirming any order, to verify the accuracy of the information provided and that the contact details of the applicant correspond to those indicated in the destination mailbox. Once the order has been placed, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to you, where you will find your reference number. If you detect an error in the request, report it on our website, option Tracking page. In this way, we can correct it as soon as possible, if the status of the request allows it.

Expediatur will not be responsible for the delay or rejection of the issuance of embassies or consulates of the visa or electronic authorization, as well as for the loss of documents or passports not attributable to Expediatur.

Expediatur cannot be held responsible for the lack of validity of a visa outside the dates expressed by the client in his application. It is the client's responsibility to request the visa and send all necessary documentation and information as far in advance as possible. You must also verify the accuracy, completeness and relevance of the information transmitted.

The user is solely responsible for the consequences of any damage resulting from the use by a third party of his password, his email address or his confidential code (s), and the communication of any information that the user has made available.

The website may contain advertising, promotional, commercial or sponsorship links and images to websites of third-party resellers or independent service providers. The company is not responsible for the content of such third-party sites, does not guarantee its accuracy, validity, quality or integrity, especially in the context of transactions made directly between the user and a third party. External distributor or independent supplier. Similarly, the company will not assume any connection costs and, in general, the communication costs due to access to the website by the user and the use of the latter.

Article 9: Force majeure

The fulfillment of the company's obligations at the end of this document is suspended in the event of a fortuitous event or force majeure that prevents its execution. The company will notify the client of the occurrence of such an event as soon as possible.

Article 10: Communication with the client

EXPEDIATUR undertakes to keep its customers informed of the status of their request only by email and through communication on our website, through the Tracking page. The latter may consult the status of your application and the various notifications made by EXPEDIATUR during the process of obtaining the document.

We will not accept claims or cancellations for not having received the email we sent, since the status of the request can be viewed at any time on our website. For this reason, we ask that you verify that the email address provided is correct.

Article 11: Applicable law

All clauses contained in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale will be subject to Spanish law.