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Our company

Expediatur  is the  world's leading company  in the application of  technology  to the  travel visa  process.  

Hundreds of thousands of people every year manage their visas through one of our international offices.  These offices, fully owned by our group, guarantee the highest standards in quality, security, and economy by not outsourcing to any third party.

We offer the most advanced technological tools to process visas with all the information you need updated in real-time.

Why should you work with us?


Fastest processing :  Most of our processes are automated, which allows us to eliminate downtime while waiting for manual processes.

Global scope:   We process visas, travel authorizations and offer information on entry to all countries and territories in the world.

The lowest prices: our processes are so optimized that we reduce our costs to a minimum.  No one can match our prices.

 Our leading  technology


Data Traceability and encryption: We use blockchain technologies to  track all our operations.  We are GPRD fully compliant.

A complete set of APIs allows our customers to integrate our services into their own website.

White Label Platforms: We provide you with tools to sell your own visas, with your own brand.

Why are we here?

We strongly believe that the bureaucracy required to apply for a travel visa should not be a restriction or barrier to the free movement of people, or to the free cultural exchange between countries. Although we cannot eliminate it, our goal is to make these processes much easier for the traveler, offering security, low costs, and the best service.


Our mission is to provide our clients with a fast, accurate and highly professional service for obtaining visas, freeing them from the hassle of that tedious procedure, thus making their trips much more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable.


We want to be the global reference company in visa processing quality, keeping our processing fees low so that they are affordable for everyone.


Our core values are transparency, professionalism, accountability, and ethical commitment to all participants in the visa process.

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Our international offices

We accompany our clients wherever they are.  We are present on four continents.