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Our company

Expediatur is a global company dedicated to the processing and handling of travel visas. Our services include both B2C and B2B solutions; integrations for travel agency websites and wholesalers. In addition, we provide all the necessary tools to guarantee our partners the simplest and most straight forward procedures.

Through our local branches, we adapt to the needs of each market, customizing the services according to the demand of our customers. For this reason, if you have any questions regarding our group, you can contact your nearest branch. We will be delighted to assist you.

Why choose Expediatur?

Expediatur is a global company dedicated to the processing of travel visas. We offer services both for end customers and for travel agencies, wholesalers and other B2C channels. Your clients should not worry about their visa processing and focus exclusively on enjoying their trip. Expediatur brings its extensive experience to complete the process with all guarantees.

In a market where profit margins are continually narrowing down, standing out in service quality makes the difference. Our services allow travel agencies to increase operating profit as well as to obtain loyalty from customers who want more benefits than just reasonable travel rates.

In a more personal level, we strive for our final customers to put their trust in us with the application of their visas since this is a tedious and time-consuming process subject to constant legal changes,document management and the dedication of many hours.Entrust in a professional team that will optimize your effort and thus you will be able to dedicate your time to what really matters.

Secure handling

All our handling procedures guarantee the safety of the customers’ personal information, data and the custody of their documents. Passports and other documents are never yielded to third parties, not even to couriers.

Low costs

Expediatur handles thousands of visas per year. Therefore, our operational costs are reduced by working more efficiently with the different consulates involved.
Furthermore, we enjoy preferential agreements that guarantee a special treatment and timely processing of the visa applications in the shortest possible time. All this allows us to transfer these cost savings to our final customers.Our advanced management software allows us to streamline and optimize all processes.

Speedy service

One of our goals is to process your visa application in the shortest possible time. Our staff is highly specialized and trained in all the methods to shorten the processing time, thus avoiding the most common errors and mistakes that translate into delays.

Our Project

We firmly believe that the bureaucracy required to apply for a travel visa should not be a restriction or barrier to the free movement of people, or to free cultural exchange between countries. Although we cannot eliminate it, our aim is to make these processes much simpler for the traveller, offering them security and professionalism.


Our mission is to provide our customers with a fast, accurate and highly professional service to obtain visas, freeing them of the hassle of that tedious procedure, therefore, making their travels a lot more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable.


We want to be the global company of reference in the processing of travel visas and legalizations in quality and service, keeping our processing fees low so that they are affordable for everyone.


Our core values are transparency, professionalism, responsibility, and dedication to customer service.

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Our international offices

Expediatur is constantly expanding internationally. We accompany our clients wherever they are.