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Expediatur is a global company that offer processing services of visa travel. Our offer include B2C and B2B solutions, integrations for websites of travel agencies. Beside we give all the tools needed to can warranty to our partners the faster and easier process.

Using our local agencies, we adapt to the needs of each market, customizing the services according with the ask of our clients. For this reason, if you have any question related to our group, you can go to the most close agency. We will enjoy helping you.

Why to choose Expediatur?

Expediatur is a global company dedicated to the process of visa for travels. We offer services to final customers, travel agencies and other B2C channels. Your customers should not worry about the process of his visa, and focus exclusively in enjoy his travel. Expediatur contribute using his big experience to finish the process with all the guaranties.

In a very strait market in margins, the quality of the service make the difference, our offer allows increase the benefits by operation and compromise the customer that want get some more that a good prices for the transportation.

In particular level, offer to the finals customers delegate in us the process of his visa. Is a process in a constant change, documentation management and the dedication of many hours. Trust your process in a professional team that will optimize his effort and that way can dedicate your time to the things that really matter.

Security in the process

All our process guaranty the security in the personal data management and the custody of the documentation. The passports and other documents never being gave to the third companies, even the messengers, during the process.

Very sheep prices

Expediatur process thousand of visa each year. Our prices are reduced by scale economy in the moment to process in the consulate that very big quantity of files. Beside, we have preferential agreements that guaranty a request treatment in the small time possible. This time savings, is translate in a minor cost to the final customer. Our advanced management software allows facilitate and optimize all the process.


Always process the visa in the minor time possible. Our transactors staff is very specialized and knows all the ways to shorten the process, avoiding the more common mistakes that cause delays in the process.

Our Project

We strongly believe that the needed bureaucracy to request a visa travel should not be a restriction or a gate to the free movement of peoples, or the free cultural interchange between countries. If well, we can not deleted, our objective is make this process more easy to the traveler, offer him security and professionalism.


Our mission is offer to our customer a visa travel service fast, save and very professional to they can enjoy comfortably their travel with out be pending to the associated paper management.


We wish be the global reference company in the visa process at quality service level. We want to maintaining always a low prices for the process, allowing that our services being at reach of all customers independently of his buying level.


Transparency, professionalism, responsibility and vocation for the customer service are our most important values.

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